Ordering Procedures

Add Student:


To place an order, you need to add your student(s):

1.       From the Home Page, click the Add Student button.

2.       Fill out the Student Information.

a.       First Name

b.       Last Name

c.       School – Choose Charyl Stockwell Preparatory Academy

d.       Grade – Choose MS or HS

e.       Teacher – Name of Advisory Teacher

3.       Click Add Student.


Placing Orders:


1.    Click on Place Order.

2.    Click on your Student’s Name.

3.    Find the date you would like to place an order.

4.    Click the Radio Button next to the menu choice(s). Nutritional information can be found by clicking on the blue icon next to the menu choice. 

5.    Click Next to move through the dates. Your selections will automatically be added to your cart. If you are choosing only one item, click Add to Cart to continue to checkout.

NOTE: ALL lunch orders must be placed by 12:00 NOON the Friday PRIOR to the week you would like your student to receive lunch. For example, lunch for Wednesday needs to be placed by the previous Friday.


Checking Out:

1.       Once you have made your choices, click on the Cart icon in the upper right-hand corner. 

2.       Verify your order is correct.

3.       Click Process My Order. If you have credits they will be applied.